nude man walking on tree in Fall landscape

Zach in Fall

nude man with back to camera looking at abandoned homes

As luck would have it, after the difficult weather in Detroit with Bruno, a brief Indian summer gave me the opportunity to attempt one more outdoor shoot. Luckily, Zach was available to return to Columbus and we had a terrific Fall photo session.

nude man leaning against yellow wall

nude man sits on porch of abandoned house

We started with a quick shoot at an old military housing development that was scheduled for demolition. The approach of winter helped give the location a heightened sense of loss and tragedy. It even hinted at some of those old Halloween movies with a scary desolation after we found signs of squatters and nefarious activities.

Were there eyes watching us?

nude man standing beside tree near river

nude man perched on rock by stream

After the gloomy neighborhood, we turned to happier natural surroundings. Fall always seems be a tough time to shoot. It’s a busy time of the year with school, work and approaching holidays. Many times the beauty of the Fall landscape gets forsaken. But not this time!

Zach even took a plunge into the chilly river to render some of the best water scenes I’ve made!

nude man in river arching back

nude man stands with back to camera under old bridge

This guy has always been able to integrate magnificently in any setting. He remains totally at ease and comfortable from the very first shot. And each scene is a new challenge that he works to perfection.

And what’s not to love, when you see a handsome man adorning these wonderful settings!

nude man laying across old rusty boiler in woods

nude man sunning himself against old rock wall

I always attempt to find unique places to shoot. Many times these are simple spots that most would pass by. Having the imagination to envision something greater from basic materials makes them more effective. And these locations along the river worked beautifully, capturing a transitional time of the year we take for granted.

nude man pauses as he crosses over a tree branch

shirtless man sitting on bridge looking down river

As Fall represents closure for the year, so too did this mark a closure of time with Zach. Unfortunately, he moved farther away to chase a job. I can only hope that the future will allow another visit by this talented guy!


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