nude man leaning against metal fencing in old industrial stairs looks at camera

St. Louis with Colin

nude man poses on a wooden cart in an old warehouse

Wow, it’s been too long since the last blog post. Well it’s time to let you know what the heck I’ve been doing. So this month’s post continues where I dropped off last year with my first photo safari to another city that made it’s mark building our country – St. Louis.

In addition to a new city, a new model – Colin.

nude man stands in remains of old power house

nude man squats in a doorway between rooms in an abandoned building

I met Colin through another wonderful model who will appear in next month’s blog. They are good friends, drawing inspiration and encouraging each other.

From the very start, Colin proved to be a wonderful addition to the image-making process. He has the drive to take full advantage of these unique locations with no hesitation and plenty of stamina.

silhouetted figure of a nude man laying near a window

nude man on a spiral metal slide in an old warehouse

While exploring a derelict warehouse, he readily climbed into filthy wooden shelves and onto rust-covered metal slides with little complaint. I was thrilled with his response to my direction – another extraordinary individual willing to go that extra mile.

nude man curled into a wooden cubicle

looking down on a nude man on metal stairs

It sounds like I’m gushing over my recent models, but you have to understand that these are not normal photographic scenarios. There are definite risks and dangers in these environments. I appreciate the fact that these guys trust my vision and are equally invested in making more than a photograph. They want to make art!

There’s more adventures from St. Louis to come so stay tuned.

nude man stands against a fire door entry into an old elevator

Colin can be found on Instagram @theeofficialcolin

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