A sense of intrigue and curiosity building in the imagination – to explore, discover and capture what few see and offer new visuals of the world around us…

Robert Colgan is a photographic artist from Columbus, Ohio. Born in Elyria, Ohio, he actually spent his formative years living in Louisiana. This was the beginning of his interests in history, architecture and myth – all dynamic elements of his work. After returning to Ohio, he earned a Fine Arts degree from The Ohio State University. Robert has been photographing for over 30 years and has exhibited throughout the Midwest. He received an Individual Artist’s Fellowship from the Ohio Arts Council in 1992.

Photographer Rob Colgan shooting with nude model in abandoned building
October 2017: Columbus Open Studio and Stage, studio open house, Columbus, Ohio
May 2017: Size Matters, Pennington Custom Art, Columbus, Ohio 
May 2016: Splinters of Light, Pennington Custom Art, Columbus, Ohio
September  2015: Art Crawl, Pennington Custom Art, Columbus, Ohio
November 2014: Architectural works at the Wescott House, Springfield, Ohio
October 2013: Structure/Figure, Reed Arts, Columbus, Ohio
June 2010: Letting Go & Taking Shape, a collaborative exhibition with Kris Worthington,  Sharon Weiss Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
May 2010: The Photograph:Inspiration and Art, Pennington Custom Art, Columbus, Ohio
May 2009:  Size Matters, Pennington Custom Art, Columbus, Ohio
October 2008: I Am Missing You: Columbus Urban Scenes 1925-2008, Pennington Custom Art, Columbus, Ohio
June 2005: Skin 2,
Studio 16, Columbus, Ohio
April 2005: Collage, Sandusky Cultural Center, Sandusky, Ohio
September 2004: Convergence, Studio 16, Columbus, Ohio
June 2004: Skin at Studio 16, Columbus, Ohio
February 2003: In and Out of Context, Gallery V, Columbus, Ohio
June 2002: Rhythm and Grace,  A Muse Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
February 2002: 2 Raw, A Muse Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
October 2001: Outside the Box, Sandusky Cultural Center, Sandusky, Ohio
August 2001: The Magic Box, A Muse Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
February 2000: Raw, A Muse Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
December 1999: Mirror/Mirror at A Muse Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
December 1998: Art, Religion & the Millennium , Ohio Art League, Columbus, Ohio
September 1998: Visions IV at Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption, Covington, Kentucky
June 1997: Out From Within at Ohio Art League, Columbus, Ohio
May 1997: Structure/Consequence at Ohio Art League, Columbus, Ohio
November 1996: Resurrections & Insurrections, Ohio Art League, Columbus, Ohio
October 1996: New Work, Leaves of Grass, Columbus, Ohio
June 1995: In Person, Vern Riffe Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
October 1994: From the Dark, Rainbow Bookstore, Columbus, Ohio
October 1994: Out of Our Minds, Katz + Dawgs Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
June 1993: Regional Juried Exhibition at Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
June 1992: Artist/Model at Katz + Dawgs Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
January 1992: Impact of AIDS, ACME Art Company, Columbus, Ohio
July 1991: Salon de Refuse, Katz + Dawgs Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
September 1990: Regional Juried Exhibition, Toledo Friends of Photography, Toledo, Ohio
June 1990: Regional Juried Exhibition,  Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
May 1990: Community Standards, Katz + Dawgs Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
May 1989: A State of Affairs, United Christian Center, Columbus, Ohio
May 1985: Corners of my Mind, Silver Image Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
January 2004: Artists’ studio portraits for “Foreign Affairs” show catalog for Ohio Arts Council shows at Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio and Otterbein College, Westerville, Ohio
October 2001: Artists’ studio portraits for “Coming of Age” show catalog for Ohio Arts Council show at Vern Riffe Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
February 2000: Artists’ studio portraits for “Paper Routes” show catalog for Ohio Arts Council show at Southern Ohio Museum, Portsmouth, Ohio
November 1999: Artists’ studio portraits for “Transcending Traditions” show catalog for Ohio Arts Council show at Vern Riffe Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
November 1999: Cover photograph for Buon Giorno Magazine
1990: Poster for the Wexner Arts Center for Columbus Danceworks
January 1989: Newsletter photographs for Columbus Society of Communicating Arts announcing Chicago graphic designer, Rick Valicenti
1987: Crime prevention posters for the Ohio State University Police posters were chosen for Print’s 1988 Regional Design Annual

September 2004: The Columbus Magazine featured artist

February 2000: Short North Gazette cover article

January 2000: Fund raising calendar for the Columbus AIDS task Force

March/April 1990: Columbus ART, Anger/Apathy Issue, published by the Columbus Art League Grants

1992: Individual Artists Fellowship from Ohio Arts Council

Photographer Rob Colgan directing a model on location



Concentrating on the most emotive element of any individual – the face.


Explorations of the male form.


The spaces and objects that man builds are massive testaments to his creativity. Designated to symbolize power and control, to honor history or even to contain the elements of human progress – they present an ever changing palette of visual interest and offer backdrop for further creative exploration. Even spaces long abandoned bear out that curiosity.


Divided into two categories –

Alger Boxes:

Holding a mirror up to gay lifestyle with turn-of-the-century boys books dictating the theme. It was Horatio Alger, notorious for the craze in boys books of the early 1900’s, who helped establish the notion of the “American Dream”. Having titles that easily transform into messages of double entendre, these book covers are combined with photographs, objects and ephemera within a shadowbox.

Basic Constructions:

Freestyle combinations of collaged objects with photographs taken to illustrate. These three-dimensional pieces are unrestrained singular experiments meant to playfully interact to portray narratives of multi-leveled interpretation.

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