November 2020

gothically dressed young man with red hair in front of gothic structure

Cemeteries as Visual Venue

Cemeteries carry a negative and morbid perception to most people. Beneath the obvious reasons there exists esoteric beauty. The solitude, landscaping and architectural variations provide an almost limitless backdrop for photography. Therefore, a frequent choice for my work. Older cemeteries are the best. Victorian cemeteries are even better! Finding these classic locations, you’ll quickly see […]

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portrait of man looking to the left

The Inn at Zanesville

My preferred location is one that is off the beaten path or hidden. Or places that hide in plain view. I feel an affinity toward the forgotten for there is concealed beauty beyond the flashing lights. It’s exciting to find these gems because they are so transitory. Their beauty, like a blooming flower, can disappear

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nude male with back to camera in dim studio lighting

Why the Male Nude?

The image that prefaces this post is one of the first male figurative photographs I ever took. Accomplished at my school’s studio, it was a nervous attempt to reckon with my sexual awakening. This was the early ’80’s, when the male nude still elicited strange looks and whispers. But it felt appropriate. As a shy

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