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The Inn at Zanesville

man with straw hat lounging in old wooden chair
Lounging Around

My preferred location is one that is off the beaten path or hidden. Or places that hide in plain view. I feel an affinity toward the forgotten for there is concealed beauty beyond the flashing lights. It’s exciting to find these gems because they are so transitory. Their beauty, like a blooming flower, can disappear never to return.

I’m always vigilant of my surroundings. Looking to see what others don’t. But, it’s always wonderful when others share their visions and offer them up.

nude man holding oars outside
nude man laying on couch in sun beams
Rays of warmth

Such was the case with this old roadside inn in the city of Zanesville. An artist friend connected me with the couple that owned this wonderful building. Built in the late 1800’s, it had been lovingly restored and was now their home. Tucked just slightly off the main road, it offered guarded views of the Muskingum River. It was a warm cozy place that exuded a level of comfort that calmed and cheered the heart. It was genuine.

nude man laying on bed looking at the camera
To nap or not
nude man standing with sunbeam cutting across his body
Poignant Pause

I was also fortunate to find Matthew. He was a gregarious young man with an equally matched level of congeniality. From another small town in Ohio, Matthew meshed wonderfully with the house. He made it his own.

nude man curled up in wooden chair looking out window
The View
nude man standing in front of open window looking out
Summer breeze

It was a long day of shooting for Matt and I. Extended driving time and another session earlier that day at a farm; we were both slowly decompensating. Toward the end, I think Matt was getting a bit giddy. I’m grateful though for the terrific captures.

shirtless man sticking tongue out at photographer


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