shirtless man stands beside wooded cliff


nude man standing on rock in mountain stream

Around every corner in the Pacific Northwest seems to lie an incredible natural scene. This session was my second on this year’s excursion. Working with model Mario, we ended up deep in a canyon that had suffered horrible fire damage.

There was a wonderful connect with Mario’s energy and the location. He comfortably engaged with this environment. It’s as if his spirit awakened and spurred regrowth in these darkened woods.

nude man in mountain stream

nude man in mountain stream

Mario had mentioned that he enjoyed hiking and the outdoors. This reflected in his brazen spontaneity. Some models would wince at the thought of climbing into a mountain stream, but not Mario. So refreshing were the waters that ran through this canyon, he couldn’t resist.

There’s a primal appeal to such amazing natural features – almost mesmerizing. I think Mario could sense it, drawing from that energy and conveying it in his gestures.

nude man reaches for sky while in mountain stream

nude man playing in mountain stream

I know there seems to be a strange dichotomy between my preferred location choices but the solitude of each option is very important. I don’t fully understand my need to photograph these places. All that I know is that they feel comfortable and appropriate to my message.

There must be some deeper subconscious reason why lost and lonely areas seem so intriguing, I just haven’t found the words. I guess that’s why I communicate with images.

nude man taken from the side with back arched while in river

nude man lays on sand bar in river

nude man with back to camera lays on sandy beach

Mario was my water-baby on this shoot and he did a wonderful job. I was so happy to have such great talent on both of my shoots. I returned with lots of stunning idyllic imagery.

I have to return to this beautiful part of the country. There’s so much more to see. Until then…

Mario is on IG @marioespinozaonline.

nude man standing in trail looking up to sun

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