nude man lays on stone railing

Wonderful Oliveé!

Shirtless man looks at viewer in abandoned building

I am still trying to catch up with editing the summers activities. This month I’d like to feature work shot with the sweet Oliveé from New York.

I was really impressed with his enthusiasm especially after a hideously complicated flight, which seems to be the norm anymore. Surprisingly he was unfazed with a calm demeanor – ready for photography.

nude man with back to camera facing down railroad tracks

nude man in old abandoned caboose

Unfortunately the shoot was hampered by cold rainy weather. But we remained undaunted. A new location was utilized and it’s immense size gave us lots of protection from the elements.

Once used as a repair shop for train cars, the huge building offered many terrific options. From cool cabooses to huge cranes, it was a treasure trove of backgrounds.

nude man climbs up ladder on backside

nude man in abandoned building

Oliveé brought a whole new sensitivity to these shoots. He has a gentleness and tender empathy that softens these harsh environments, bringing a level of humanity to the desolation.

In spite of this, he still approached each spot with the determination of an artist willing to demonstrate his capabilities. The second abandoned factory we explored was even more severe in its ruination, but Oliveé remained persistent!

nude man grasps huge rusting intake fan

Nude man touches tree growing in abandoned building

I can truly say that Oliveé helped brighten an otherwise stormy and gloomy North Coast weekend. He brought warmth and playful curiosity to these industrial locations, continuing even as we moved into natural settings.

It was wonderful to see how easily he adapted to the various areas. Even more thrilling to me was the effect the weather had on our work. The lighting was a dramatic visual feast!

nude man leans against a steel beam

nude man strikes a pose in front on classic structure

I am very thankful for the skills of this young person – for producing another body of beautiful work. Once again, I have been very fortunate to collaborate with a wonderfully talented model.

Oliveé can be found on Instagram @oliveeamo. And, of course, I’m @rob_colgan_photo.

Nude man crawls out on log overlooking lake

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