portrait of punk man

Throw-back Thursday

punk man with faux fur coat

During down times between shoots, I have started exploring my film archives. It’s terrific to find these shots from years ago and even from my student days.

portrait of punk man

naked man with leather coat shot from behind

This is going to sound archaic, but in those days you depended on your imagination to influence your images. There were no instant filters to plumpen an image. The shot had to stand on its own.

nude man from behind, arms extended


nude man doubled over, holding crucifix

You concepts stood as exposed as this man. You HAD to preconceptualize. And I think that process aided in creating meaningful sessions.

nude male standing with arms together

nude man standing beside iron structure, shot from below

This series demonstrates my usual method of operation. Starting in the studio, letting the model become acquainted with your approach and then moving to location. This rendered a plethora of wonderful imagery and let you evaluate the model.

Luckily, this guy didn’t need much encouragement. Clothes missing pretty much from the start!

nude man sitting beside metal wall

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