shirtless man sitting beside a classical temple

Last Shoot of the Year

angular shot of nude man in empty factory

It’s been a busy past couple of months. I’ve been cranking out new dimensional encaustic pieces in preparation for an art show in Cleveland. And, of course, the weather has started its gradual winter decline making location shoots difficult.

nude man leaning against wall covered in graffiti

nude man standing in abandoned observatory

Before that window of opportunity closed, I was able to work with the wonderful Devin from Buffalo.

Accustomed to my weird preferences for abandoned buildings, he graciously molds himself to the environment. Fearless and enthusiastic.

nude man facing into corner with lots of graffiti

nude man leaning against wall

Looking beyond the obvious beauty of the male form in forgotten space, I feel a connection with the symbolic. These places along with the unprotected, vulnerable man provide a mirror to our society.

close-up of nude man lying near tomb


nude man curled up in remains of arched window

Cleveland and all of her Rust Belt relatives continue to offer amazing opportunities. They also tug empathetically at my memories – the history of this part of the country that helped build the remainder of our land.

nude man with large calipers in old factory


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