urban decay

naked man climbing out of underground area

Anthony in the Pump House

In spite of this year’s pandemic, it has been an excellent year for photography. I’ve met new models and worked more with established ones. It’s been very productive. One such young man is Anthony. Another find from Instagram, Anthony has proved to be another guy who is completely unencumbered by location. Listing himself as a …

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huge strip mine shovel

Big Muskie

After discovering the Big Muskie while on a portrait shoot outside of Zanesville, Ohio, I knew this was something I had to shoot. The Muskie was a relic of an industrial age gradually disappearing. It was one of the largest shovels ever built. A iron monster sitting in the middle of nowhere begging to be …

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nude man pushing against remains of chalk board with "school's out" written on it

School’s Out Forever

We forget how much school influences our growth. A place where we spend so much of our time as children interacting with others and being affected by the adults “teaching” us. I can only define this experience based on my own observations. It is a time that still haunts me and defines me. It was …

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front of house shot from road with no trespassing sign, home covered with vines

Gone so quickly…

So this is another urban exploration post that I feel helps elaborate the desolation, despair and urgency associated with many of the sites I discover. Always hoping to make each location another page in my thematic view of the world. So this house was discovered in 2017. It had sat quietly in a thick grove …

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nude man standing with back to camera looking out old windows

House in the Woods

It’s wonderful when you find a spot that no one really has photographed. It’s especially exciting when the place has different interesting rooms and the light is constantly changing. This house was discovered over a year ago.  After questioning a mysterious driveway into the woods, I was able to confirm a building with Google Maps. …

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the photographer standing in front of iron doors in old prison

Beginning Urban Exploration

So the seed of my love affair with abandoned buildings was probably planted when I was very young and living in Louisiana. The state was full of old abandoned plantations back then. Many were easy to explore. My Dad would drive us around on the weekend to see how many places we could discover. It …

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