nude man in abandoned house in twisted pose at top of yellow stairs

Zanesville Houses

nude man in abandoned house leaning against fireplace remains
Hope for Warmth

You can never take for granted the assistance of friends and fellow artists. This grouping of images stems from suggestions from my wonderful friend and fellow artist, Linda Gall. I had been whining about the increasing loss of abandoned buildings in Columbus. So Linda suggested an exploration in her hometown of Zanesville.

partially nude man in abandoned house looking out doorway to outside
nude man in abandoned house holding lantern
Golden Light

Zanesville has an amazing arts history. It was once the center of art pottery back at the turn of the century with several major factories. Weller, Roseville and American Encaustic were just a few of the names.

In spite of this, their days have past. A downturn in the economy left the town struggling. But still there are many wonderful locations that now attract my artistic interests.

nude man in abandoned house - detail of torso
Poignant Moment
nude man in abandoned house crouching on floor gazing into sunbeams
Thoughts of Days Past

Much of this session involves two old homes. The first was an old white house that stood at the edge of town that had been gutted in the hopes of restoration. It was surrounded by a sea of poison ivy. Luckily I was able to get some disposable leg gaiters that allowed us to easily march through the minefield. Still, my model had to be careful around certain areas of doorways and the ground floor where the ivy was pushing through.

nude man in abandoned house partially hidden behind wooden framework
Exposed Frame
nude man in abandoned house at top of stairs looking out window
Uncertain Vision

The best part about this house was the open framework. This allowed amazing angles and situations suggesting an invisibility of the structure. It was an interesting play on man interacting with his home environment.

nude man in abandoned house climbing stairs
Classical Flight
nude man in abandoned house seen from above with stairs wrapping around
Wrapping Steps

The second house Linda found was more finished. The empty home also had signs that it was awaiting rehab yet still retained much of its original character. It wasn’t as raw.

I was more fascinated with the stairs and wonderful fireplaces. Of course signs of ceramic heritage abounded.

In the end, these locations have disappeared like so many others. But the images survive offering a greater memory.

nude man in abandoned house with back turned looking at fireplace
Final Fire
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