shirtless man smiling at camera

More Cleveland Exploration

nude man walks in ruins of old factory
Cubic Path

This is the second part of my last shoot in Cleveland a year ago. I feel rather stupid that I never really attempted to explore my old stomping grounds. There were so many great locations offering many great options. It was a photographers dream!

nude man looking up with ivy covered wall of old factory
Enveloped Wall
nude man leaning on window sill with city in the background
A Warming View

Once again, my model endured all of my suggestions. He climbed old ladders in pigeon-infested towers, walked over rotting floors and perched himself in window frames barely free of glass.

I try to be protective of my models. I make suggestions but I really leave it to them and their level of adventure. I think my enthusiasm for pushing the envelope of the location becomes infectious. If they’re totally into the experience, they will also desire to create amazing compositions.

nude man standing beside supporting girder
nude man curled in small doorway between stairs
Hidden Room

It’s a sort of rush to make an image that will leave people spellbound. Furthermore, the abandoned locations magnify that amazement.

I believe that photographs that offer or pose questions can be the most engaging. It’s like being given a puzzle to decipher.

nude man stands with back turned below large circular window
Vanity on Trial
man with priests stole standing by circular window, arm raised
Shunning the Light

Photographs that engage the mind also engage the soul, giving the imagination great latitude of meaning. I find this to be my predominant motivator.

nude man standing in old stairway looking out window
nude man lounging in arched opening of old tower
Tower Solitude
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