portrait of shirtless man outside grasping mossy tree


nude man in fetal position on moss covered ground with large white flower
Gift of Remembrance

In 2019 I ventured out west to Oregon visiting artist friends in Portland. I always seem to focus on the darker side of humanity at home with abandonments as my chief location. But Portland captured my attention in a different way with its natural beauty.

nude man shot from behind while climbing tree
Soft Ascent
nude man in tree with moss covered branches

Industrialization gave way to calming nature. There was a lushness that burst forth. Incredible scenes that comforted the soul and brought a spiritual feeling no church could mimic. I was out of my realm. This environment actually forced a different perspective and I felt compelled to photograph it.

nude man laying on moss covered tree branch
Extension of Self
nude man with eyes closed in field with trees in background
Feeling It

There was a different voice calling out. Luckily, I had a local model who imbued this feeling of nature into every image. He felt a part of each scene, almost at one with Nature. It was beautiful… and inspiring!

nude man curled up on log by river with hands extended
Humble Devotion
nude man from behind with branch across his shoulders looking at river
Natural Flow

As June approaches, so does my return to this rich bountiful environment. I must thank both of my Portland models, Bear and Bailey, for aiding in wonderfully representing this part of the country. Of course, more terrific images will follow.

nude man laying on his side on hill top
Stoney Cradle
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