nude man standing with back to camera looking out old windows

House in the Woods

nude male figure with arms crossed standing in front of peeling paint wall
Opposing Textures

It’s wonderful when you find a spot that no one really has photographed. It’s especially exciting when the place has different interesting rooms and the light is constantly changing. This house was discovered over a year ago.  After questioning a mysterious driveway into the woods, I was able to confirm a building with Google Maps. No one would ever guess it was there.

It’s an old house, probably from the early part of the century, and it’s still full of junk. Mostly old books, letters and other paper items. Not much furniture. But it’s the character of the house and its rooms that render it a perfect setting for photography.

nude man leaning on railing of porch
On the Porch
view looking down on nude man opening door
Light in the closet

Luckily, I had a very brave model with Corey. This can be a very daunting sort of place to explore. You can easily visualize many horror movie scenarios occurring in a place like this. But, Corey was a real trooper. Actually, I think he had the same fascination and curiosity about the house as I did. We found ourselves poking through some of the junk to discover more about its history and inhabitants. All that while climbing over trash to calmly pose and deliver wonderfully expressive images. What more could one ask!

nude man looking out window of abandoned house - it's very dark inside
dimly lit nude man standing in corner of old wooden sided house
Horizontal Lines

This was not the first time I’ve shot here with a model. Perhaps I’m the one who’s getting more accustomed to the space. After being terrified by a lone mouse on the last trip, it seems less a frightening experience and more a sense of expectation. We are in a house surrounded by a forest that has been open to nature for many years. It belongs to the creatures now. It’s their house!

Graffiti did help break the seriousness. But I guess you don’t need to be intelligent to use spray paint.

offset image of sirtless man standing in window of old house with profane graffiti spray painted on it
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