naked man climbing out of underground area

Anthony in the Pump House

naked man walking away from camera in abandoned industrial building

In spite of this year’s pandemic, it has been an excellent year for photography. I’ve met new models and worked more with established ones. It’s been very productive. One such young man is Anthony. Another find from Instagram, Anthony has proved to be another guy who is completely unencumbered by location. Listing himself as a nudist kind of helped pave the way for that discovery! Unable to stray too far from Columbus, I chose one of my favorite spots still available – an old pump house by the river.

naked man sitting in remains of broken windows
Framed View
nude man standing in industrial room, hand raised to block light from above
Lightness of Being

I’m pretty sure that Anthony’s eyes lit up when we climbed into this building. He immediately shed his clothing and began walking around exploring the place. He’s a very animated person, so it was easy to offer up suggestions and see what he did in response. It was an unusually simple task of following him about with the camera. Sometimes the most difficult aspect was getting him slowed enough to prevent blurring. The lighting in this place is a bit dim in spots even on a bright day.

closeup of nude man with dirty hands
Soiled Skin
nude man laying in a gangway on his back, hands in front of face

Likewise Anthony was not troubled with dirt, broken glass or any of the other gross impositions encountered in places of abandonment. He gladly rolled around in the dirt if it meant a great picture. What a nice muse!


I hope I have the opportunity to work with this exciting energetic soul again! He seems to be just as restless and mobile in his normal life as well.

nude man astride large pipe leaning back into light
Masculine Projection
nude man hunkered down beside rusting machine
Last Generation
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