nude man in studio holding old phone

Matt Redux

partially nude man standing in studio

So, as I’ve probed the archives searching through older black and white works, I found my transitional negatives.

These pics are shot on film at the same shoot when I began using a digital camera. They were my back-ups for the digital. Just in case.

shirtless man wearing goggles while holding globe on shoulder

nude man standing in spotlight with arm up

I remember those early experiences with this new technology. I scoffed at the horribly pixelated images and their lack of tonal range.

Who in their right mind would use one of these expensive toys! No artist I know would even think of it!

But I always manage to put my foot in my mouth.

nude man sprawls out on church bench outside old house

nude man shot looking up, wearing straw hat

My studio mate shot lots of weddings in her spare time and slowly demonstrated these new beasts. But I still loved my film.

I was one of those people who did it all. Shot it, developed it and printed it. Hands on the entire time. Digital was an uncertain future. How could you claim to be an artist when all you do is press a button.

But, like with all new technologies, digital gradually improved. And I learned about its nuances. Slowly, I became a convert.

nude man in straw hat in front of barn

nude man outside stretches between two columns

I still spend just as much time working digital negatives as I did with film. And, I have to admit, the quality is stunning! Almost too real!

So, enjoy these film-derived images from my shoots with Matt. They still have a wonderful quality that only film seems to reveal.


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