large open room in old factory with nude man looking out window

Where has the summer gone…!


young man dressed as boy scout with pants unbuttoned

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted any new work. Fact is, I’ve actually been fairly busy! And I’m not complaining.

This summer has yielded some terrific shoots, including the previously posted session from my trip to Portland.

nude man with back to camera holding driftwood

nude man pointing upward

Since Portland, I’ve had a few new digs to try out along with some new faces. More exploration of Cleveland and it’s amazing abandonments. Even Cincinnati has added some beautiful spots.

View upward as nude man climbs ladder on old factory

nude man standing on stone wall in front of old building

And I continue to have the fortune of working with talented and extremely courageous models. Individuals who are willing to push the boundaries in the pursuit of classically beautiful photographs.

nude man in studio in fetal position whilst holding canary

profile of nude man grasping large wrench

These guys place their trust in my creative endeavors. I think they know I’m aiming for a higher art standard. Thank God, they endure my eclectic choice of props. For that, I’m grateful to them all!

nude man looking away while holding lightbulb

nude man laying in bed with arms behind his head

The range goes from sensual fashion to hardened urban exploration and uncomplicated studio. But the message is still the same with man as my subject.

cropped image of nude man in front of graffiti wall

shirtless man leans against craved sandstone pillars

The male form is my source of inspiration. In spite of society’s discomfort, I continue to find meaningful dialogue with male nude in innumerable ways.

Keep watching as I will feature many of these shoots in future posts.

partially nude man reclines on fender of old car

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