two men in embrace, eyes closed

Spring is in the Air

two nude men standing back to back with bows

When a great model returns to the scene, you seize the opportunity! Anthony, who had moved away, ventured back to Columbus.

This time he brought a friend he is trying to energize from a difficult life. And what a better way than through something creative and totally different.

nude man seated, holding large wrench

pantless man in sailor suit holding sword, back to camera

Helping him discover self-worth through creative endeavors was Anthony’s goal. Get him out of his conservative and bigoted home town to see hope and positivity.

I feel that he quickly warmed to the studio. But Anthony has a way of making people comfortable! This mainly due to his own comfort levels. Being nude is not a problem with this guy!

nude man standing, holding big wrenches

Man in jockstrap holding lacrosse stick

Starting with simple portraiture, the session quickly turned “naked”. It was my goal to prove to Anthony that the studio could just as easily yield beautiful images as the outdoors. And, I think, after a few shots he was convinced.

Like location, the studio can give its own sense of drama. It’s all in the light!

two nude men standing with horse blanket

two nude men in embrace

Reaching the ultimate comfort zone and simply tuning out the photographer, it lead to some remarkably sensual captures.

Whether lust or love, I could sense the amorous affection. And it’s always more genuine if it’s not prompted. My direction turned to documentation rather than guidance.

two nude men in amorous pose

two nude men in embrace

So often affection is represented in callous and fallacious ways. Stereotypes reinforced.

It’s absolutely beautiful when it is true!

two men kissing

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