view looking up stairs at nude man with back turned

Wilson/Trabue House Nudes

angular shot up stairway, partially nude man holds suitcase
Time for departure

From the abandoned house on Wilson, I was able to coerce a model into a shoot. We didn’t have much time and it seemed like visibility was making it more active to other explorers. With my good friend Alan acting as spotter, we explored the house once again.

It wasn’t difficult to convey the loneliness and sadness. Props weren’t necessary to bring, they were already present. I feel the nudity helped describe a sense of vulnerability. This house, long ago, must have contained many memories. Now those memories, tossed aside like bits of trash, were soon to be wiped out forever. No consideration for the past. No reflection on the struggles that made the present possible.

man in tux shirt curled in fetal position in front of fireplace
Long consumed fire
Nude man looks out broken window toward house next door
What will the neighbors think

One time, I found myself arguing with a friend about history. “Who cares what happened in the past!”, she said. Can we be so arrogant as to not feel sensitive to the pains and toils of our forebears? Do we live so closely to our egocentric selves that we can’t see how people have suffered and worked to make our lives enriched? These thoughts always come to mind in any abandonment. They resonate in my mind. Keenly aware of the footsteps placed before me on the path of life.

shirtless man stands in blue tiled shower arms outstretched
Awaiting the water
nude man standing between two windows of deserted room
Party’s Over

This seems to be the nature of mankind. Our crushing desire for progress only desensitizes and devalues our culture in subliminal ways we can’t envision. And in the process, we immediately minimize our own significance in the world.

nude male laying on floor in front of old dead TV in room with big windows
The glass teat still entices
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