portrait of man in industrial setting holding camera

Back with a welcome!

Okay, so I’m back…

New design, new blog entries on their way, more great images – but not without a quick thanks to my long-time friend and creative cohort, Alan Jazak and his design team at Formation Studios.

portrait of man with geometric background

To say that Alan has been helpful all these years is an understatement. He knows everything about how I work, how images are created and has been directly involved in this process since we met almost 35 years ago. He has probably been one of my most photographed models and muses. Putting up with weird concepts and locations like a real trooper. Treating it all as a professional.

And even after all these years, he still helps. Not only with design work whenever needed, but also on shoots. He knows how I work and is an invaluable asset on location! I mean, it does help having someone to hold the models clothing and carry the baby wipes. And to document as you go!

man assisting nude model by carrying clothing

So, hats off to you Alan! Thank you for your continued creative support. Our book is next!


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