Two men in white muscle shirts stare at the camera

A Vision from the Heart

two men in white fencing pants look at the camera with swords in hand

As a photographer, you sometimes are fortunate enough to connect with the right people. In the case of this post, I met two of the most loving and sincere young men that I’ve ever encountered. It’s one thing to have two individuals unfamiliar with each other pretend to like each other. Or it might be just the physical attraction that guides the interactions. But when you see true concern and care between two people it definitely rings true in the images. These boys are genuine!

shot looking down on two men with eyes closed, heads resting next to one another
nude man in bed holds hand of another nude man crouching in the corner
Bond of slumber

Of course, they both work in an arts-oriented field that demands both physical and emotional expression. But this has only enhanced their visual articulation. Being a challenging field, it tends to also keep its members in closely knit groups throughout life. It then makes these human bonds even stronger. I guess it’s a subtle set of circumstances that became evident to me as I worked with these two. It was quite charming.

two nude men wrapped in a open weave leather mesh with backs to the viewer
Lattice that binds
Two men embrace while looking past each other into hand held mirrors
The self or the other

Fortunately before the pandemic, I was able to schedule several sessions with them. Each episode producing an amazing collection of captures. One of them even worked tirelessly on location in abandonments in Buffalo and the forests of Oregon. His grace through expressive physicality was phenomenal. (His images can be viewed in the blog posting from May 6th.) Due to COVID, it has scattered these two apart – back to their families. The Arts – a suffering collective of individuals awaiting their return to the public eye, anxious to show their talents. I’m hoping one day to be able to work with them again.

partially nude man with bow in hand hovers over sleeping nude man on a couch
Cupid and Psyche
Nude man with eyes closed is embraced by another in uniform
Embrace of strength
two men stand in nightshirts looking at the camera
With no one to impress


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