portrait of shirtless dark haired man

Boy Next Door

dark haired man lounging in old tub in old building
Afternoon bath
nude torso of man arching back while in tub by open window
Cascade of Light

This session involved a model I met through an online modeling network. When my website was hacked about a year ago, many of these terrific images were lost. Now it’s time to return them to their spotlight!

partially nude man stretching out of old ceramic tub
nude man looks out from open closet door
The Closet

 He was a student with an enthusiastic desire for nudity. Refreshingly different from previous balking models, he would engage with most any location. There was a smoldering sensuality that was only amplified by his quiet demeanor. His gazes were almost tempting. They definitely reach beyond the lens, for others have responded likewise to his glances.

man undresses near window
man in green coveralls exposes his chest, head thrown back
Workers Dream
man undresses in front of window, staring at the camera
Poseur Framed

He knew what he wanted to portray and it was well achieved. With a mass of longish hair, there’s a sort of boy-next-door character about him which reinforces a carnal appeal. I suppose that starting this shoot with a bath tub scene probably set those wheels in motion.

Unfortunately, he later acquired a job that did not look favorably on such portrayals. Needing to disguise his identity was necessary. Now he goes without credit. But these images should not spawn shame. It’s a reflection of religious conservatism attempting to control.

nude man lays in front of empty fireplace across wooden floor

Awaiting Warmth

nude man lays pointing toward a bank of three windows
nude man sits on wooden floor with legs behind him, he sits in front of window
Sun’s Repose

I should also mention a bit about the location. A neighbor lost his house due to foreclosure. It sat empty for a couple of years during the banks’ occupation but I still had the keys. Meeting this model was perfect timing.

Not long afterwards, the house was purchased and rehab began. Much of this old character was either destroyed or painted to a dulling white. This model’s presence preserves that original presentation forever. And the images give a glorious insight into what can exist just slightly beyond our view and so close to home.

nude man standing in front of open window inn old house
shirtless man stares at camera from under raised arms
That Stare


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